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Our goal is to make your birth experience as personalized as possible. We offer a full spectrum of delivery options, ranging from very low-intervention births in one of our 6 private labor/delivery/recovery rooms, to both emergency and gentle cesarean births.

Labor/Delivery/Recovery Unit (LDR)

We are committed to ensuring the health and well-being of you and your baby. Whether you arrive in labor or are being induced for a medical indication, you will be cared for by your labor and delivery nurse in one of our six private labor/delivery/recovery rooms. Throughout each phase of your labor, we are here to answer any questions you may have, support you, and monitor your baby closely. Each room has the amenities needed to help you stay relaxed and comfortable, including ambient lighting, a rocking chair, birthing balls, and warm packs. We also have birthing bars that allow squatting during labor and childbirth, and birthing beds that adjust to many different positions.

Cesarean Birth

Having a cesarean birth can be an anxious time for new and experienced moms, but Kent staff make this experience a little easier by offering a gentle cesarean birth. The purpose of a gentle cesarean birth is to create a peaceful environment and to allow bonding between mom and baby to begin as soon as possible. We do this by providing a quiet room, free from noise and conversations, and filled with mom’s choice of music. We dim the lights and encourage the dad or significant other to be in the room during the delivery. And most importantly, we encourage bonding right away through skin-to-skin contact and minimizing the time that mom and baby are separated after delivery. Kent is pleased to provide the gentle cesarean section at the request of the patient and with the permission of the delivering obstetrical provider.