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Women’s Care Center

All postpartum suites are private with private bathrooms. Most include sleep accommodations for your significant other. Your baby will be cared for in your room during your stay. Your significant other is here to support you and help with the care of the newborn, even during the night. Only one guest is permitted to stay overnight. They are asked to be awake, dressed and ready to assist you as necessary when your breakfast is served.

Nursing Care

The same nurse is responsible for both you and your baby. Your nurse will provide you with personal and individualized care with a family-centered approach. Infant Security: For your baby’s protection, the Women’s Care Center is secured with access only through monitored doors and an electronic pass card. Visitors must ring a door buzzer to enter and leave the unit.

Visiting Hours 1 to 8 p.m.

Siblings may visit at any time but must have another adult present and may not stay overnight. Non sibling children under 14 years old are not allowed to visit on the unit. There is a comfortable waiting area located in the lobby of the WCC which is available to visitors. Grandparents are welcomed to visit before 1 p.m. for a brief time.

Length of Stay

Traditionally vaginal births stay approximately 48 hours; C-Section births approximately 96 hours. Early discharge is possible at your request, but not before 24 hours. You and your baby must be stable and your health care provider has to give a written order.

Day of Discharge

On this exciting day, you will be seen by your OB provider and your baby by the pediatrician/nurse practitioner. Discharge instructions need to be reviewed and signed for by you and for your newborn. Security bands will be checked by two nurses. Birth certificates are completed prior to discharge. Affidavits of paternity are also available as needed.